ONDA – Online Database Architect (v2)

Project Management: Alexandre Pinto,Nuno Laranjeiro

Technical Lead V2: Nino Matos
Developers: Ana Duarte, Cena Helder, Diogo Carvalho, Gonçalo Machado, Ivo Gouveia, José Miranda, Leonardo Toledo, Luís Ventura, Magdalena Sikotowska, Mariana Leal, Sheran Colomer

Technical Lead V1: Alexandre Jesus
Developers: André Maximino, Bruno Pedroso, David Martins, João Silas, João Valença, Micael Reis, Pedro Martins, Sara Monteiro

Contact: onda@dei.uc.pt
Development Site: git.dei.uc.pt/onda/code
Icons by: icons8.com
Supported browsers:

      Creative Commons License Online Database Architect by ONDA is licensed under a

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

Developed at: Department of Informatics Engineering | University of Coimbra
Version: 2.10.1 31-12-2017
  1. Welcome to ONDA!

    You can use the ENTER key to go to the next slide

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  2. Create a new file

  3. Open existing diagram

  4. Save created diagram (.json)

  5. Export created diagram (.png)

  6. Undo

  7. Redo

  8. Zoom in your diagram

  9. Zoom out your diagram

  10. Add a new entity

  11. Create relations between entities

  12. Create inheritance relations

  13. Add a new sequence

  14. Choose Database

    You can select your database engine to generate the DDL scripts

  15. Choose Normalization

    You can select between Normal or Simplified normalization!

  16. Conceptual Model of the Diagram

  17. Physical Model of the Diagram

  18. DDL Scripts of the Diagram

    You can use the DDL to generate a database

  19. Thanks for using ONDA!

An error has ocurred in Onda. We will try to save your current diagram.

Keep in mind that the current state of the diagram might be corrupted.